Izba číslo 13

About us

Room number 13, is a company that engages in interactive entertainment in the industry of escape games. We have been operating on the market since 2013, and in 5 years we have developed into the largest and best rated escape game in Slovakia and one of the best rated escape rooms in Central Europe. We currently have 5 different thematic games in Bratislava covering more than 250m2. Of course all the rooms are fully air-conditioned. For over 5 years, our game has been over 20,000 satisfied players and more than 400 companies.

Room Number 13 is a unique, intuitive and interactive game where teams have to find mysterious tracks based on different storylines to solve brainstorms and escape from Room within a time limit. Players are forced to work together as if they were able to overcome all the wiles. GameMaster, which is responsible for the game, will sometimes help you with little help but do not think it will be easy. 

Unique to this game is that you are a physically part of the story. This game brings an intuitive and interactive experience you never could experience when reading or playing games. If you are the person who advises you to solve mysteries, looks for answers, or I have a lot of challenges, this is the game exactly for you.


  • This game requires logical thinking, good intuition and teamwork. Your mission is to find and use all necessary keys, codes and objects that you find in the room. All puzzles and riddles must be solved, so that you can escape from the room.
  • Miaximum capacity is 2-5 players, of course, it depends on the type of the game. All players are members of one team, which will aim to escape. If you try to escape alone, it´s up to you. But it´s almost impossible, as teamwork is needed.
  • Team members can become anyone, regardless of age or sex ( younger than 14 only accompanied by an adult)
  • Please, do not spoil the fun to others by providing informations about solving puzzles, riddles, or replies to people who have not previously completed the game
  • Althought the Rooms are interactive, they are intended more as an intellectual challenge tan a physical challenge. Violence and power can be solution to some problems, but certainly not problems in our rooms.


  • You don´t know what clothes to choose? The most fundamental important is that you fell comfortably in your clothes. You will neither extremely physically exert yourselves or get dirty. But you will definitely be sweaty.
  • In our rooms there are no snakes, spiders or other insects. So you don´t need to worry.