Izba číslo 13


Room Number 13 brings fun, and savvy team building activities that include team development, corporate value invasion, and team leadership. In our space we have plenty of room for organizing a big teambuilding event (possibility to play up to 30 occasions at a time). We have the largest selection of rooms in Escape industry in Slovakia and various game tips. Our thematic games are based on four key elements to support teamwork, team performance and team development. All of our rooms are of course fully air-conditioned.

If you want to get closer to your team, our game is just for you. During the game you will know your colleagues from a different way than at the workplace. It turns out to be able to cooperate, react in tense situations, but especially who is the leader type? Who’s the dealership? Who is the only one? Who is the one who keeps the cool head and calms the others? You can find answers to these and other questions when you come to play with us.At Room 13, with a fun and fascinating puzzle and teamwork solution, you can support, understand and bind your team while observing the trust, bond and communication inside your team where planning, solving and timing is needed in a limited time.

As the only Escape Room in Slovakia we have created a special arena designed for teambuilding activities. This is a BATTLE ARENA game in which two teams play against each other. It can play up to 12 people at a time. This is a unique game where teams compete against each other in identical games that are skewered by a glass wall. More information about this game can be found in the Rooms – BATTLE ARENA. 

We can secure teambuilding for up to 200 people in one day! During the duration of the event, you can sit in an excellent restaurant located right in the building. We also have a newly-built social room with a maximum capacity of 30 places in our place, in which you can enjoy the seating, the possibility of catering is a matter of course. We deal with all corporate events tailored to the needs of the client.

Another option for use Rooms number 13 for corporate purposes are our mobile games. The advantage of these games is that we can bring them anywhere and we can adapt them to any space, whether interior or exterior.

Room number 13 will organize a tailore-made event, whether you are interested in action in our spaces (interior or exterior) or in your own spaces. We organize all corporate events tailored to the requirements of the client 


  • Eventin our interiors at Cintorínská 7. We can ensure teambuilding for up to 200 people in one day – the possibility of playing 30-35 people at the same time .
  • We can build a game arena in any interior as required. The game can be tailored to suit either the number of players, the length of the game, the difficulty or the story. 


  • Event in the outdoors premises of the Tennis Restaurant near Habansky Mlyn in pleasant, quiet surroundings of the heart of Bratislava. The space is suitable for about 300 people. In the area there are tennis courts, beach volleyball courts, restaurant, bar and grassy area about 100×50 meters. The game can be tailored to suit either the number of players, the length of the game, the difficulty or the story.  
  • Events in the exteriors as desired. We can build a game arena in any exterior as required


  • BOX 13 is a mobile puzzler that can be brought anywhere, whether it’s interior or exterior. This is a complex puzzler sized trunk (150x80x40 ). This puzzle can be tailor-made to match the length of play and the difficulty of the puzzlees